I feel like I am continually starting life over again and again. I maintain a sense of discipline for a short period of time, produce a slew of creative projects, and then a wave of ‘life’ hits me and I’m thrown from the forward-moving vehicle, sidelined until I can reorganize, restructure, reconnoiter and then join up on the highway once again moving furiously toward the previously abandoned goal. Not an effective way to accomplish anything if you hadn’t gathered that I was leading to that conclusion. This method, spiced with a crazy-making amount of procrastination, makes for a life of insanity. One which becomes less and less satisfying as I walk further along the slope of age. I will begin this blog, once again, but this time without any expectations except that I will sporadically share my observations of life and people and whatever else strikes my fancy. Come along for the ride if you feel inspired. It’s always an awesome ride of twists, turns, and sudden drops. Hopefully, too, a creativity booster, and a moment of empowerment and inspiration. Welcome back to my life.

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