The Happiness Factor

Yes, the second part of the recovery series will be coming this week, but I just had to go out on a tangent and share this video. Entertaining and inspiring. It’s a TEDTalk video about happiness. I had just said to my friend Debra last night that all our humorous speeches for the Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech contest were anecdotal in nature and while they had a point, there were not speeches per se. I think qualifies as a humorous speech. – Carol

The Happy Secret to Better Work

  1. #1 by Carolyn Moore on February 3, 2012 - 10:18 pm

    Well I was the one that felt it could be classified as humorous. Oh well, I thought he was really funny in telling this story. Ok, finishing up the 2nd installment of the Reality of Recovery and hope to post it this weekend. Have a great one, everybody!

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