Breathing Deeply…

 © 2013 Carolyn Moore

© 2013 Carolyn Moore

It’s obvious I’m a Northerner. I crave the sun. The shutters are wide open, inviting the uplifting light to warm the house as well as my soul. My mind envisions sunbathing and my body longs to go running. I don’t want to miss a second of gorgeous daylight. It’s about 20 degrees too cold for the casual walker to be out. For me, anything above thirty at this point in winter is welcome respite. I’m a Jersey girl at heart though, through and through, enduring the winters, loving the spring-summer-fall transitions, needing the city-country connection. Florida humidity just isn’t my cup of tea. Yet.

I’m so happy to experience this much sun and warmth in March! I don’t mind that bursting outdoors will have to wait till I am fully spent creatively. My butt is firmly planted. Mornings are my creative time but I do have to discipline myself daily not to succumb to distraction. I struggle with maintaining a steady output of words because I love research, brainstorming, reading, and encouraging others. I could spend all day just discovering and posting encouraging quotes and articles from others to stir up my friends.

But that wouldn’t serve the words I want to share and after a several decades of life, I do realize what I have to share matters and is worth something. We all do. Our stories are important; evidence that as humans we have so much more in common than we ever could imagine. Each unique personality paints a compelling masterpiece illustrating that we are not alone in our fears, our successes and failures, and our tragedies and triumphs. People connect through story. They heal; they grow bolder; they reach out to others who need stirring up.

All we have to do is show up. Be vulnerable. Try transparency. Risk everything. Serve your calling to create. Look past the possibilities of embarrassment, failure, ridicule. Sure, all that will probably happen occasionally, but those experiences serve the greater purpose – for growth and to serve others. If you’re not committed to a set creative time each day, make a decision to do it without self-imposing restrictions that hinder – just do it (oh, so Nike, but so true!) Creativity is not about being perfect – make a leap!

What stops you from a daily creative practice? Stir up others and share!

For a little extra inspiration, try a dose of Eric Maisel, creativity expert and author of Creative Recovery. An excellent online course at en*theos Academy – Your Best Life in the Arts course, also by Maisel.

Create joyfully today!

– Carol

© 2013 Carolyn Moore


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  1. #1 by susanwilinski on March 9, 2013 - 11:31 am

    Great post. When I figure out what’s been blocking me the past couple of weeks, I will be sure to share. I think it’s great that you love to get others going, but I, for one, would love you to share more of your own story!

    • #2 by Carolyn Moore on March 9, 2013 - 8:16 pm

      Thanks, Susan! Hope you work through the block and let me know if you want any prompting – always willing to push or pull, whatever you need. More of my story – the fictional and non-fictional ones to come. It must come out in it’s own timing!

  2. #3 by j. on March 11, 2013 - 9:42 am

    A great reminder about making time to create. It is so easy to put everything/everyone else first and then never get to it. I have to remember to put myself on my own calendar. Sometimes hard to fit myself in at the end of a long day but I always feel better after studio time!

    • #4 by Carolyn Moore on March 11, 2013 - 9:59 am

      I am in total agreement. ‘Putting yourself on your own calendar’ excellent! I have the best intentions for the evenings but nothing ever comes of it. Optimal work time for me would be 10-2 though I’m usually up by 6 so I start as early as I can (after prayer, meditation, some stretching.)Have a joyful time creating today!

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